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Andrew Zadrozny's publications in the fields of adaptive optics and high resolution imaging, in reverse chronological order.

The NAOMI Adaptive Optics System for the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope.
R.M. Myers, A.J. Longmore, C.R. Benn, D.F. Buscher, P. Clark, N.A. Dipper, N. Doble,
A.P. Doel, C.N. Dunlop, X. Gao, T. Gregory, R.A. Humphreys, D. Ives, R. Østensen,
P.T. Peacocke, R.G.M. Rutten, C.J. Tierney, A.J.A. Vick, M.R. Wells, R.W. Wilson,
S.P. Worswick & A. Zadrozny.
In 'Adaptive Optical System Technologies II.' Ed. P.L. Wizinowich & D. Bonaccini.
Proc. SPIE 4839, 647–658 (2003).   (Preprint).

Dual-Conjugate Adaptive Optics.
T. Kelly, D.F. Buscher, P. Clark, C.N. Dunlop, G.D. Love, R.M. Myers, R.M. Sharples
& A. Zadrozny.
In 'Laser Optics 2000: Control of Laser Beam Characteristics and Nonlinear Methods for Wavefront Control.' Ed. L.N. Soms & V.E. Sherstobitov.
Proc. SPIE 4353, 273–280 (2001).

The ELECTRA Astronomical Adaptive Optics Instrument.
R.M. Myers, J. Allington-Smith, D. Buscher, P. Clark, N. Dipper, S. Juhos, C. Dunlop,
R. Haynes, G.D. Love, G. Murray, R. Sharples, A. Zadrozny, P. Doel, A. Longmore
& A. Vick.
In 'Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine.' Ed. G.D. Love.
World Scientific, 334–339 (2000).

Dual-Conjugate Wavefront Generation for Adaptive Optics.
T. Kelly, D. Buscher, P. Clark, C.N. Dunlop, G.D. Love, R. Myers, R.M. Sharples
& A. Zadrozny.
Opt. Express 7, 368–374 (2000).   (Link to Journal paper).

Chromatic Spatial Super-resolution with Infrared Adaptive Optics.
A. Zadrozny.
In 'Adaptive Optics Systems and Technology.' Ed. R.K. Tyson & R.Q. Fugate.
Proc. SPIE 3762, 360–367 (1999).

Dual-Conjugate Wavefront Generation with Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators.
T. Kelly, G.D. Love, D.F. Buscher, R.M. Myers, C.N. Dunlop, A. Zadrozny & R.M. Sharples.
In '18th Congress of the International Commission for Optics.'
Ed. A.J. Glass, J.W. Goodman, M. Chang, A.H. Guenther & T. Asakura.
Proc. SPIE 3749, 662–663 (1999).

First Atmospheric Compensation With a Linearised High Order
Adaptive Mirror — ELECTRA.

A. Zadrozny, M.P.J.L. Chang, D.F. Buscher, R.M. Myers, A.P. Doel, C.N. Dunlop,
R.M. Sharples & R.L. Arnold.
In 'Topical Meeting on Astronomy with Adaptive Optics.' Ed. D. Bonaccini.
ESO Conf. Workshop Proc. No. 56, 459–468 (1999).   (Preprint).

Hysteresis Correction of a Piezoelectrically Actuated Segmented Mirror.
M.P.J.L. Chang, A. Zadrozny, D.F. Buscher, C.N. Dunlop & D.J. Robinson.
In 'Adaptive Optical System Technologies.' Ed. D. Bonaccini & R.K. Tyson.
Proc. SPIE 3353, 864–871 (1998).

Novel Adaptive Optics With the Durham University ELECTRA System.
D.F. Buscher, A.P. Doel, N. Andrews, C. Dunlop, P.W. Morris, R.M. Myers, R.M. Sharples,
A. Vick, A. Zadrozny, C.A. Haniff & R.W. Wilson.
In 'Topical Meeting on Adaptive Optics.' Ed. M. Cullum.
ESO Conf. Workshop Proc. No. 54, 63–68 (1996).

Binary Adaptive Optics: Atmospheric Wave-Front Correction With a Half-Wave Phase Shifter.
G.D. Love, N. Andrews, P. Birch, D. Buscher, P. Doel, C. Dunlop, J. Major, R. Myers,
A. Purvis, R. Sharples, A. Vick, A. Zadrozny, S.R. Restaino & A. Glindemann.
Applied Optics 34(27), 6058–6066 (1995) & Addendum 35(3), 347–350 (1996).

Pupil Plane Interferometry in the Near Infrared.
Paper I. Methodology of Observation and First Results.

J.-M. Mariotti, J.-L. Monin, P. Ghez, C. Perrier & A. Zadrozny.
A&A 255, 462–476 (1992).

A Possible Correlation Tracker for LEST.
J.A. Bonet, C. Martín, E. Ballesteros, F.J. Fuentes, F. Lorenzo, A. Manescau,
L.F. Rodríguez & A. Zadrozny.
Ed. O. Engvold & Ø. Hauge. Inst. of Theoretical Astrophysics, Oslo.
LEST Foundation Technical Report No. 51 (1992).

A Rotation-Shearing Interferometer for the Near Infrared.
J.-L. Monin, J.-M. Mariotti, C. Perrier & A. Zadrozny.
In 'Diffraction Limited Imaging with Very Large Telescopes'.
Ed. D.M. Alloin & J.-M. Mariotti.
Proc. NATO ASI 274, 428 (1989).

A Near Infrared Rotation-Shearing Interferometer.
J.-M. Mariotti, J.-L. Monin, A. Zadrozny & C. Perrier.
In 'High Resolution Imaging by Interferometry'. Ed. F. Merkle.
ESO Conf. Workshop Proc. No.29, 281 (1988).

A Rotation-Shearing Interferometer for the Near Infrared.
J.-M. Mariotti, A. Zadrozny, I. Vauglin & J.-L. Monin.
In 'Infrared Astronomy with Arrays'. Ed. C.G. Wynn-Williams, E.E. Becklin & L.H. Good.
Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu. p.281 (1987).

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